Electronics Technology

 Solid State Devices

 Part 1: efore Silicon

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Before Silicon



Various Diodes

Zener Diodes

Video Lectures

Anayzing Vacuum Tube Circuits with Conventional Current


How Diodes Work

Types of Diodes

Zener Diodes

Zener Diodes and Maximum Current - Answers to Questions

 Lesson: 2

Reading Assignments

Transistor Concepts

Field Effect Transistors

Bi-polar Junction Transistors

Signal Gain

Transistor Characteristics

Transistor Packages

Transistor Summary

Video Lectures

How a Transistor Works

Transistor Basics



Why do Junction Transistors Amplify Current and Not Voltage

What is Saturation

Unijunction Transistor - Answers to Questions

Answers to Questions - Is a Transistor a Variable Resistor

Other Videos

Transistor Demonstration from 'The Secret Life of Machines'


 Part 2: Integrated Circuits

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Integrated Circuits

Video Lectures

Open Collectors and Pull-up Resistors

Other Videos

Fabrication of Integrated Circuits