Why should I donate to the Robert DuHamel Vocational Academy (Vocademy)?

A similar course at a brick-and-mortar school would cost thousands of dollars. Student loans could put you in debt for many years. Your generous donations make education free at Vocademy.

School administrators: consider the cost of buying or licensing such materials from other sources.

Vocademy has a small staff and no brick-and-mortar campus. This keeps our expenses low and makes it possible to bring you free education and free curriculum relying almost entirely on free-will donations. Here are ways you can help keep education free at Vocademy.

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$1.00 per month - get free vocational education and make a big difference for only $12.00 per year.

$3.00 per month or more - get exclusive previews of our videos.

$5.00 per month or more - get access to works in progress and other perks.

$10.00 per month or more - get a link to your family-friendly website or YouTube channel on our Hall of Contributors page.

$25.00 per month or more - get a link with your logo to your family-friendly website or YouTube channel on our Hall of Contributors page.

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Advertise at Vocademy

Your Ad Here    We have reserved space for banner ads at the top of our textbook pages. We intend to provide this space to companies that donate to Vocademy at Patreon. We have not yet set the required donation level at Patreon because we need more flexibility than Patreon allows*. Vocademy's user base is growing and we need to adapt to this growth. For more information, please contact us at:


* Patreon does not allow changing reward levels once set. This policy is in place to avoid confusion. This a good thing, but we need more flexibility at this time.

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Can't Donate? You Can Still Help

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Do you have a website or blog about electronics? Linking to Vocademy not only spreads the word but improves our page ranking at Google. You can be a big help to Vocademy for free.

To help improve our page rank at Google, use descriptive text such as "Learn Electronics Technology for Free" or "Free Electronics Training." Here's a sample of HTML code you could use:

<a href="http://vocademy.net">Learn Electronics for Free at Vocademy</a>
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