Electronics Technology

 Analog Circuits

 Part 1: Hands-on Project Linear Power Supply

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Linear Power Supply

      The Step-down Transformer

      The Rectifier

      The Filter

      The Regulator

A Switching Regulator

Video Lectures

Understanding Voltage

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 1 - The Transformer

Full-wave Bridge Rectifier

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 2 - The Rectifier and Filter

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 3 - The Regulator

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 4 - A Precision Regulator

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 5 - Current Limiting

Building a Linear Power Supply - Part 6 - Design Troubleshooting

Why the Need for a Zener Diode - Answers to Questions

Zener Diode as a Clamp in a Linear Power Supply - Answers to Questions

A Shunt Regulator - Answers to Questions

Linear Power Supply Teardown and Autopsy

 Part 2: Decibels

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Scary Math Review - Lagarithms

Decibels (dB)

Video Lectures

Fire Control Computers (optional)

A Quick Look at Decibels

 Part 3: Amplifiers and Oscillators

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Practical Analog Circuits


Small Signal Amplifiers

Power Amplifiers

Video Lectures

Small Signal Amplifiers

Alternating Current and Small Signal Amplifiers - Answers to Questions

Small Signal Amplifiers - Response to Questions and Comments

Mystery Resistor Values - Answers to Questions

Phase in Capacitors and Why not in Small Signal Amplifiers

Is that AC or DC and the Speed of Electricity - Answers to Questions

Is That Negative Resistance - Answers to Questions

 Lesson: 2

Reading Assignments

Differential Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers

      Op-amp Comparator

      Voltage Follower

      Non-inverting Amplifier

      Inverting Amplifier

      Summing Amplifier

      Differential Amplifier

      Current Source


      DC Motor Controller

Video Lectures

Operational Amplifiers No. 1 - The LGM Model

Operational Amplifiers No. 2 - Comparators

Operational Amplifiers No. 3 - Voltage Followers

Operational Amplifiers No. 4 - Non-inverting Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers No. 5 - Inverting Amplifiers

Answers to Questions - A Practical Op-Amp Inverting Amplifier

Operational Amplifiers No. 6 - Differential Amplifiers

Operational Amplifiers No. 7 - Summing Amplifiers

Inverting and Summing Amplifiers - Answers to Questions

Operational Amplifiers No. 8 - Current Controller

Operational Amplifiers No. 9 - Integrater

Operational Amplifiers No. 10 - Differentiator

Why an Op-amp Inverting Amplifier Appears to Have no Input Signal

Op-amp Gain Confusion - Answers to Questions

Why Doesn't the Feedback go to the Non-Inverting Input - Answers to Questions

Operational Amplifiers No. 11 - Hysteresis Oscillator

Open Collectors and Pull-up Resistors

 Lesson: 3

Reading Assignments


Phase-locked Loop

Voltage Multipliers

Connecting Components and Circuits

Video Lectures

Voltage Multipliers - Answers to Questions

 Part 4: Audio Electronics

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments


Audio Transducers


Microphone Pickup Patterns

Wind and Pop Shielding


Speaker Enclosures

Stereo and Surround Sound

Video Lectures

 Lesson: 2

Reading Assignments

Audio Systems

Phonograph Players

Analog Audio Tape

Public Address Systems

Audio Woo

Video Lectures

Other Videos

Audio Tape Recorders (from The Secret Life of Machines)

 Part 5: Legacy Video

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments

Analog Television

Video Recording

Video Lectures

Other Videos

The Secret Life of Machines: The Television

The Secret Life of Machines: The Video Recorder

 Part 6: Optical Electronics

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments


Fiber Optics

Optical Media

The Fax Machine

Photocopiers and Laser Printers

Video Lectures

Other Videos

The Secret Life of Machines: The Fax Machine

The Secret Life of Machines: The Photocopier

 Part 7: Building Circuits

 Lesson: 1

Reading Assignments


Making Prototypes

Printed Circuit Boards

Video Lectures

Other Videos

Basic Soldering Lesson 1 - "Solder & Flux"

Basic Soldering Lesson 2 - "Soldering To PCB Terminals"

Basic Soldering Lesson 3 - "Cup Terminals"

Basic Soldering Lesson 4 - "Bifurcated Terminals"

Basic Soldering Lesson 5 - "Hook and Pierced Terminals"

Basic Soldering Lesson 6 - "Component Soldering"

Basic Soldering Lesson 7 - "Integrated Circuits: The DIP-Type Package"

Basic Soldering Lesson 8 - "Integrated Circuits"

Basic Soldering Lesson 9 - "Integrated Circuits: The Flatpack, etc.

Rework and Repair - "Introduction"

Rework and Repair - "Elements of Construction"

Rework and Repair - "Component Removal"

Rework and Repair - "Solder Extraction with Vacuum"

Rework and Repair - "Conformal Coating Removal"

Rework and Repair - "Damage Repair"

Rework and Repair - "Replating Edge Connectors"

Rework and Repair - "Electrical Damage"

The Ben Heck Show: Let's Try PCB Etching